Montessori Overview

The Montessori Education is freedom within the limits of the classroom. In this freedom, the children can learn self-motivation and the joy of learning. They can choose the materials they want to work with, and work with them as long as they need. Everything in the classroom is prepared to teach them something, whether the area of the academics is geometry, language, geography, fine/gross motor skills, math, or cultural studies. The children learn about themselves and the world around them through the materials and the group lessons. The class is made up of different age groupings; the younger children, who can have older children to look up to, and the older children, who can develop leadership skills and empathy while helping the younger. The teacher in the class is called a directress, meaning she guides the children to the materials that will improve their intellect, as well as encourages positive interactions and discourages deviant behaviors.


Fundamentals of Montessori education, explained by the Montessori Foundation.